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RESUME (as of about 2005)

James Edward David Cline

General Employed Experience and Skills

    * Sr. Engineering Technician: Building, testing, debugging breadboard or prototype electronic analog/digital/RF equipment. Engineering-Production interface, involving preparation of ECOs, writing test procedures, CAD (EEDesigner software used) for drawing and revision of schematics. Evaluation of IC and discrete components for production use. Full documentation of work performed.

    * Electronics Design/Development: Project functions including conceptual refinement, electronic design, CAD schematic drawing, building, testing, debugging electronic instrumentation, programming test system in GPIB-BASIC, reporting project results. Design, debug and construction of electronic test equipment and writing procedures for production tech use.

    * Electronics Production Test and Repair: Test and repair of analog/digital/RF and microprocessor-controlled electronic circuit boards. Thru-hole and surface mount technologies. Use of DMMs, digital/analog oscilloscopes, electronic counters, spectrum analyzers, function generators, and computer-controlled test equipment.

Relevant Work History

Research and Collections for Natural History Museum

Making thin sections of fossil coral; sorting bulk samples of seafloor small animals including especially isopoda and foraminifera, using thin section sawing, grinding, polishing equipment; microscope, digital camera, hand picking forceps. (Part-time employment and volunteer work)

    Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County 

Electronics-related updating of test procedures; preparation of ECNs; electronics test fixture assembly, checkout, and documentation preparation; test of pre-production SMD electronic circuit card assemblies.

    Orbital Sciences Corp., Sensor Systems Div.

    Company purchased by Hamilton Sundstrand div of UTC in 2001

    2771 North Garey Ave.

    Pomona, CA 91767


    1998-2001 Supv: John Hagey, Billy Lau, Mark McMillan

Test and repair of GEM-500 and GA-90 landfill gas analyzers. Routine service of gas analyzers for methane and carbon dioxide measurement.


    Via De Lata

    Colton, CA

    June 1997 to 1998; originally as a contract employee through Mini-Systems. Supv: Jerry Rutherford

Test and repair of 12-port ethernet hub logic boards on production test line. Troubleshooting to component level, mixed thru-hole and surface mount component pcba's. Assisted by computer-controlled test system. Layoff due to slow sales on Sept. 30, 1996.

    Plexcom, Inc

    2255 Agate Ct.

    Simi Valley, CA 93065


    March 1996 to Sept. 30, 1996. Supv: Erma Munoz

Engineering-production interface, and production electronics test and repair of analog/ digital/RF circuitry. Also preparation of engineering change documentation using Ventura Publisher, and EEDesigner CAD to draw and modify schematics. Designed and built test fixturing including a multiple-frequency / amplitude autosequenced integral-cycle sinewave burst generator. Evaluated discrete components for production use. Developed and wrote some test procedures.

    Vehicle Security Electronics, Inc.

    21540-F Prairie St.

    Chatsworth, CA 91311


    1986-95 Supv's: Ed Ordokhanian, Mike England, Lee Fleishman, Dale Curtis

Circuit design and development of analog and digital instrumentation and read/write/servo circuitry. Was formally promoted to Electronics Design/Development Engineer position after successfully serving in that capacity for 1.5 years. Also involved a total test system creation including computer-operated electronic instrumentation (with associated HPIB BASIC programming); designing and conducting experiments in read/write/servo circuitry, writing associated reports.

    Shugart Corporation

    Sunnyvale, CA

    1981-84 Supv: Alastair Heaslett

Technology Development: Breadboarding, debugging, and performance characterization of experimental and prototype analog/digital electronic circuits.

    Shugart Corporation

    Sunnyvale, CA

    1978-81 Supv's: Dr. Yoshi Narahara, Dr. Shrikant Desai

Building electronic test equipment; breadboarding, debugging, and performance characterization of experimental and prototype electronic analog/digital read/write circuits. Some electronic modification design work done, one resulting in a patent.

    Pertec Computer Corp.

    Chatsworth, CA

    1973-78 Supv's: Avi Brand, Jim Sciezinski

Breadboarding, debugging, and space environment temperature performance characterization of experimental and prototype electronic circuits to be used in spacecraft; construction and test of slow-scan spacecraft camera final test equipment systems; assisting in characterization of flight camera tubes.

    Job-shop contracting through VIP Engineering, and Ball Brothers

    Research Corp., work performed at the

    Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    Pasadena, CA

    1971-73 Supv: Don Montgomery (of JPL)

Breadboarding, debugging, and performance characterization of experimental and prototype analog electronic circuits.

    Bissett-Berman Corp.

    Culver City, CA

    1969-71 Supv's: Jim Pinto, Dan Crawford, Doug Roberts

Breadboarding, debugging, and performance characterization of experimental and prototype analog electronic circuits.

    Teledyne Control Systems Division

    El Segundo, CA

    1967-69 Supv: Tom Bidar

Construction and use of electro-optical instrumentation, analog data processing of analog instrumentation recordings, electronic design and construction using RTL ICs. Mostly classified work on ARPA projects. Also proposed, designed and built an experimental blind reading machine. Built some biomedical electronic instrumentation.

    E. H. Plesset Associates/EGG

    Santa Monica, CA

    1965-67 Supv's: Dr. R. Blakney, Dr. W. Horning, N. Keefer

Certification, maintenance and modification of aviation communication and navigation ground station equipment. US Civil Service GS-5 to GS-9

    FAA Western Region

    El Segundo, CA

    1959-65 Supv's: Jim Maddox, Fred Stuhff

Calibration and operation of FM/FM radio telemetry ground station equipment in support of rocket testing. Two six-month co-op work sessions in coordination with physics major studies at NMSU. US Civil Service position GS-1 to GS-3.

    White Sands Missle Range

    New Mexico

    1955-57 Supv's: Jack Cates, Claude Hurd

Education and Training

    * Federal Aviation Agency Academy, Oklahoma City, OK: Received certification in Communication Equipment (1960), VHF Omnirange (1961), and TACAN (1962).

    * New Mexico State University, State College, NM: Two years toward sciences, in job co-op program, 1954-1959

Awards, Publications

    * "Kinetically Strengthened Transportation Structures"pp.396-402 in "Space 2000",2000, Proceedings of Space 2000: The Seventh International Conference and Exposition on Engineering, Construction, Operations, and Business in Space, Published by American Society of Civil Engineers.

    * "Wet-Launch of Prefab Habitat Modules" pp.88-91 in "Space Manufacturing 10: Pathways to the High Frontier" 1995, proceedings of the Space Studies Institute conference in May, 1995 as published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

    * Author of 35 files on space technologies in the GEnie Space and Science Library.

    * US Patent # 4,055,814 "Phase Lock Loop for Synchronized VCO With Digital Data Pulses" 1977, co-authored with Robert Abraham, assigned to Pertec Computer Corporation.

Associations: The Planetary Society; International Society for Systems Sciences (Los Angeles Chapter.)

References available upon request.

For additional kinds of skills and accomplishments, see also my Non-Electronic Employment , Volunteer Work/Activities , and my Achievements in life.

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