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In these pages we can dream of interesting ways we could be going right now towards a fun, abundant future.


- Getting from one place to another - here are some interesting but non-standard ways of doing that - especially for efficiently getting from ground to GEO to enable use of vast space resources - yes! - goals we could be working towards right now, if we choose to do so. We could have already done it, if other urges wer not so pressing wait? We could do it now. 


- Urging the imagination much farther about these ideas, through having Science Fiction adventures -  Here are my imaginative adventure fiction stories portraying how people might involve themselves in making these ideas happen physically.


 - Exploring other nooks and crannies of life, like historical tidbits re space and electricity, making electronic hobby gadgets, etc - Some things from my curiosity and hobbies, that might also be of interest to someone else, who knows?


- Worth a thousand words each, it is said: creating photostories of some things I found interesting in my life - 

Pictures have their own way of telling stories, so here are my photostories of things and events I have found interesting, mostly for family and friends.


- Some wisdoms I offer, most learned the hard way - Looking for possible ways that humanity could become united into a brotherhood without bosses and tribalism, to enable abundance for all people, everybody pitching in to responsible support the one civilization that gives us all life.

Cluster Diagram Vignettes 

-  Some of my cluster diagram inspired writings, including two techniques for doing a near equivalent of the cluster diagram on one's computer.


 - Archive of my web pages, started in 1996,  2000 version here -


-Archive of my October, 1996 version of my web pages



- Archive of my long time technical website,  2005 version here -


 - Archive of my 2003 version here -



-  Details about the author, Jim Cline

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