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Trip to present my technical paper at Earth & Space 2004 ASCE conference, held near Houston Texas, in March 2004.


Headed eastward out into the storm, beginning trip on the I-210. Can see the power lines for the light rail "Gold Line" recently built there, on the left.


Self-photo at a rest stop, in Arizona.


Taking a break a few days visiting. Dia, Nathan, Jim (me), Justin at Organ Mountains in snow, with snowman they made.


Justin in the snowball throwing game.


Marc working on his big model trrain set. Hinged gate carries train tracks and has contacts for rail power when lowered into place.


Self-photo and my iBook with a slide on my presentation, latest version.


What the slide looks like.


Self-photo at the conference, interesting mirrors too.


My new Morning Pages notebook (Julia Cameron's "Artist's Way" process) and the new book with my latest paper in it on pages 859-866, "Energy Flow in Kinetically Strengthened Transportation Structure Systems to Space," looks nice in print, my fourth technical paper to be published in conference proceedings since 1995..


Conference room where my presentation was held later.


After the end of the presentation of papers in the Steuben conference room, including mine, room emptying at end of conference. They were somewhat tolererent of my KESTS to GEO concept, considering they were all into making money on conventional rocket-based business and had just received go-ahead from President to do the 1986 NCS report's conventional vision for manned Mars exploration project; my kinetic spacerail concept could help on that too, but as an "outsider" I was being ignored (but after all, didn't Ford Motor Company build airplanes for awhile?) I did my best, anyway.


Another self photo as I was leaving conference, no one to help me even to take a photo. Concrete protector on lampost held the camera.


Headed back on the road again, self-photo at a rest stop with wagon-wheel theme, somewhat suggestive of my KESTS to GEO concept.


Driving in stormy rain weather across the thirsty desert, all night and much of day, 800 more mile stretch underway, continuing an impoverished man's difficult effort "to save humanity" that doesn't think it needs my help, and considers me as getting out of my place. Lots of time to think: I could not competently play "Rover red rover come over" child's game even in Kindergarden, probably an Asperger's Syndrome problem. Problem is, I wanted to play with them anyway, especially with the cute girls, it looked like they were all having so much fun and I wanted some too. However, I did not get any, then or now. Still hoping to, however, someday, am still on the road.


A GPS guided treasure hunt in desert mountains results in finding the cairn, and documenting its contents, as part of the adventure, were recorded by Dia, Nathan and Marc.


Self-photo mimics ancient petroglyph face scratched on rock behind me.


Marc and Dia head back, guided by the GPS signals from satellites far above them, received by the hand-held instrument.

IM007412.jpg IM007413.jpg

Left and right side of stereo pair of lichen bearing rocks. View by crossing your eyes or looking at a space half way in between your eyes and the screen, and soon you will see a middle picture which has a three dimensional appearance to it. Might need to tilt your head a bit to adjust top of separate photos while getting the 3-D to work for you.


Great sunset at a highway bridge as I drive the last stretch of the 3,200 mile drive for presenting my technical paper, back home now. A friend asks, "Was it worth it?" Only the future of humanity can answer that; but for now, it seems a wasted effort. It was nice being able to visit family on the way, however.

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