What happens when technological innovation toward the wholesome improvement of civilization, 

meets the less noble forces of mankind in the effort to implement them?

Well, that is generally considered the domain of Science Fiction. Yet, unfortunately, it also is what happens behind the scenes in the real world when the technological innovation concepts must strain through the human needs for survival, reproduction, and plain egotistical greed of mankind. Sometimes it actually gets done. Less often it also gets done properly.

This website is an experiment in linking some leading-edge technological concepts intended to help civilization's wider picture long term, with the far more conjectural world of the people who might make it all happen. Here, an attempt is made to interestingly link Science Fiction adventures with the ideas of some leading edge technological concepts, mostly involving expansion of civilization into Earth orbit in a very big way, enabled by the high efficiency transportation concepts scattered around among these pages.

The reader is invited to enjoy the adventure science fiction stories, which have embedded hyperlinks for looking more deeply into aspects that may sound interesting for possible real-world bringing into being. To jump right into the adventure of heading to space, go for Building Up.

Ideas are available on these pages in the form of Science Fiction adventure stories, formal technical papers and as the bits and pieces of ideas that are formed into the larger concepts..

The  Science Fiction stories comprising this saga timeline SagasTimeline at this point are:


Adventures in creating efficient commute technology and then heading toward space transportation too

Building Up

Adventures in building the first space elevator, the first wheel space station, and the first space escalator

Crisis on First KESTS

A maintenance technician has to go repair the space escalator under construction in a storm

The Ark of 1984's Future

The struggles to build a space escalator while under a totalitarian system

Spacetrains Are For Peacetime

Defending a space escalator rail system from being destroyed by saboteurs

It's Down to Earth 

A temporary world of people as they struggle to get back home and do their job restoring the ecosystem


An aging KESTS to GEO bridge and GEO Habitat Ring Torus Cities are about to be dismantled, when a group of wavelet seeds strike the Earth from afar 


Some unrelated sci fi short stories by Jim Cline

Although there are lots of lateral diverse subjects brought into each story's unfoldment, the general kinds of technology arenas involved are:

  • Efficient ground commute systems traceable back to the old cable car systems but now high tech and individually owned and garaged vehicles, called the Pullcable Commute System. Read about it in sci-fi form in The Novelway Prototype Shop
  • Centristation: Efficient, low-risk technique for building the classic wheel space station. Read in sci-fi form in Building Up


  • - Ever a Work In Progress -

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