A solution for how to overcome the Space Elevator's anchored linear tether's strength to density ratio severe materials problem, has been created. Few are aware of this, even though it was created in 1988 and has been refined ever since then, despite interference from businesses protective of their perceived business territory.

This concept enables near-future large scale highly efficient space access. However, the huge changes it would make in the existing business system - given it could finally enable rapid construction of Solar Power Stations in GEO, that would both greatly slow CO2 production out of the air, but also interfere with the business systems that derive their wealth from sale of petrochemicals for energy - making it highly unattractive to big business.

The technique is to use internally generated centrifugal force, along with internal electrodynamic drag, to support the weight of a transportation structure connecting the earth's equatorial surface with orbital altitudes especially including Geostationary Earth Orbit, where payload can be offloaded without needing a reaction engine propelled intermediary vehicle.The overall transporation structure essentially is a large perimeter synchronous electric motor.

The resulting dynamically-supported planet-encircling hoop structure transportation concept was also found superior to the Space Elevator concept in other ways, too, such as the direct lifting of captive spacecraft between ground and GEO by electrodynamic drag; thus no lifting of fuel or beamed energy is involved in the movement of goods and personnel between ground and orbit. As compared to conventional reaction engined launch vehicle space access, this could enable extreme transportation efficiency, making things possible that are otherwise uneconomical.

The diagram below shows the Space Escalator hoop in orange, along with many of the application facilities it could finally enable being built, in the relatively near future, to help civilization and the environment. There is much highly detailed info about this concept available on this website.


One big advantage over Space Elevator concepts, is that the Space Escalator could be built of ordinary materials, thus no need to wait for extreme tether material development. Another advantage is that it would lift payload directly by electrodynamic drag against its intermal high velocity rising armature mass stream, instead of depending of beamed laser energy as in Space Elevator contemporary concepts.

The Space Escalator, aka Space Carousel Escalator or KESTS to GEO, essentially is a large perimeter synchronous electric motor made into a structure; its earth-motionless stator provides a hard vacuum environment environment for its internal armature mass streams moving at several times orbital velocity, so as to generate the surplus outward centrifugal force that balances the inward force of the weight of the structure in the planetary gravitational field.

Such high transportation efficiency direct to GEO would enable application facilities unthinkable now, to be built in the relatively near future, such as Solar Power Satellites, Total Recycling Plants, Spaceports in GEO, and large scale wheel-type passively shielded cities in space located in GEO. Even water ice could be brought up for use as long (millenia) term safer passive shelding of Stanford Torus type cities in GEO.