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MySsi1995paperTrip My experiences during the 1995 trip to present my first published technical paper, at SSI in Princeton, NJ 

MyPaper1997SSIphotos - This was my first effort to have formal publication of my KESTS to GEO, back to Princeton

MYasceSpace2000paper Trip in 2000 to Albuquerque, NM, to present paper at ASCE's "Space 2002" space conference; also visit at Dia's 

ASCE2002Dia -Trip to present my second formal KESTS to GEO published paper at the ASCE Space 2002 conference in Albuquerque, NM

ASCE2004Dia - Trip in 2004 to Houston, TX, to present my 2004 ASCE space conference paper, visiting Dia's on the way

SES2005tripDia for the trip photos and some while at the conference, to present three technical papers at the SES2005 space conference

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Many years later, after I had several  technical papers presented and published, I lined up the books on my desk in my tiny apartment in Sunland, CA, and took a self photo; here, the conference proceedings of the 1995 Space Studies Institute is the left-most book shown in the above photo, the greenish book cover with space suited person on it, where my Centristation concept paper was published, titled "Wet Launch of Prefab Habitat Modules." Next to the right, is the book in which my first published paper on my KESTS to GEO concept was published, the American Society of Civil Engineer's Space 200 conference proceedings. And similarly more papers I presented for the ASCE space conferences in 2002 and 2004. (Eventually another book was added which had similar papers published in it, the SES 2005 space conference proceedings.)

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