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EphrataLichens - The interesting Lichens on the Ice-Age-floods tumbled rocks of Ephrata, WA

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JPLOH2003 Attending JPL's Open House in 2003

WSPG2002 Visit to WSPG visitor center 2002 11 27

NMSU2002 Visit to NMSU 2002 11 26 

JStapp2002 Visit to Alamagordo Space Museum, John Stapp Space Park 2002 11 24 

JedcResidences - My residences over the years

MDCline1973tripTujunga Pictures from my parent's 1973 trip to visit me


Above is a mural I saw, depicting the Challenger's crew that was lost with the spacecraft.


Certificate I received as an author of the invention of a digitally synchonized phase lock loop, US Pat 4055814, done when I worked for Pertec Computer Corporation in Chatsworth, CA, contributing key parts of the idea to the senior engineer Bob Abraham who was unusual in that he acknowledged my creative contribution by including me on the patent.

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