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JEDCline's Online Photos for Friends and Family

Index to photo sections re my trips to visit family.

PianoTrip - Trip to bring Mother's old baby grand piano from Monroe to Ephrat to Paul's new place, in 2007

PDCtrip2005 Summer vacation trip to Paul & family's place by train again, July 2005 

SES2005tripDia Trip to Space Exploration Science 2005 Conference in Albuquerque NM

PDCtrip200411 Trip to PDC's November 2004: railroad experience, mountain home progress, family

PDCtrip200407 Trip to PDC's July 2004: railroad, and mountain home work in progress

ASCE2004Dia Trip in 2004 to Houston to present my 2004 ASCE space conference paper

JEDCVacations2003 Vacation trips in 2003 

PDCtrip200209 September 2002 visit to Paul's place

MYasceSpace2000paper Trip in 2002 to Albuquerque, to present paper at ASCE's "Space 2002" space conference

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