Model making: stimulus to imagination

    The making of a model can be creative, stimulating, fun, and even can assist planning. There are many kinds of models, such as a wide variety of mental models, mathematical models, carved and painted models of objects such as aircraft. I especially liked balsa wood model making; and making word models such as writing science fiction and technical papers of innovative concepts. Making electronic device models was also one of my activities as a hobby too.

    “Models,” of course, can refer to such things as attractive women being used for frameworks in clothing ads. Those kinds of models have sadly (but maybe fortunately) not been part of my life.

    As a philosophical approach, perhaps even all of life one experiences can be considered as a vast inner model of the specific parts of the outer universe reality which is playing out: the set of all one’s viewpoints.




Here are some photos of some of the balsa wood models that still remain from those I made as a youth, using raw pieces of balsa wood, X-Acto knife, glue and Testor's model paint


Here is a musing I did on the philosophy of models, done in my middle age

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