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Note in 2008: This section on "Writing your own spiritual autobiography" was originally written in html in 1996, and has been mostly just copied over into current web format being used on this website; thus contact info in some of these pages are no longer valid. JEDCline

JEDC's Spiritual Autobio

This form of autobiography was learned at a workshop called "Writing your own spiritual autobiography", taken at the Sepulveda Unitarian Universalist Society Church, in North Hills, California, in 1995, taught by Penney McFadden. 

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For easier access to areas of possible interest, I have made this autobio into several sections:

Index of My Spiritual Autobiography, By James Edward David Cline

DefSpiritual - A hypothesis: a "spirit" is an energy with a specific pattern which, when played upon visible physical matter, creates change in the physical world. An individual "spirit" could be considered an individual "entity". "Spiritual", then, would mean: that which is characterized by being moved by an energy with a specific pattern.

Describing life energies and their patterns, and the available physical environs on which the energy plays, is then the writing technique being used here. Perhaps thus everything that happens is driven by spiritual energy, without exception.

A "Spiritual Autobiography", then, would be the record of the play of which energies/patterns empowered the person.

What was the energy field, its playing ground, the resulting expression as change?

SnapshotWriting - This coalesced into a "snapshot" writing process.

TheorySpirituality - Theories of spirituality as affecting my life experiences

BirthtoEaglerock - Ancestry, birth, to Eagle Rock years : "He won't make it, but we will try"; learning of putting together and taking apart

SanfrantoPhoenix - San Francisco to Phoenix years : uprootings & re-rootings

MexicocitytoThermal - Mexico City through college to Thermal years It's a comic book world, for real

MarriageyearstoDivorce - Marriage years to divorice : a happy, eagerly willing slave to woman; bridge creation; but then I was dumped utterly

PostdivorceSocal - Post divorice years, Southern Calif.: Humpty-Dumpty slowly beginning to de-fragment himself, but without the instruction manual

SiliconvalleyYears - Silicon Valley years : renewed hope, growing in awareness, groping for relationship

BacjinSocal - Back in So. Calif years : holistic awareness growth, space project growth

(Original) Copyright © 1996 James Edward David Cline 

[Note by author in 2008: the contact information sometimes listed on these pages was that existing back in 1996 when the html was originally written and pout on my earthlink.net free pages, so the "j.e.d.cline1@genie.geis.com " email address no longer exists since the GEnie network no longer exists, as oddly it was abandoned unlike the otehr networks integrated with the internet when internet www became available to the public.. JEDCline 20080427]

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