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Connectivity is fundamental to existence. Connectivity defines relationship, and relationship defines potential interactivity. How are we connected? Connected means when something happens to one thing, so also something similarly happens to that which is connected. But not exactly same nor always; for example, if the connection is by a string tying the two things together over a distance, then if one thing moves away from the other and the string is taut already, then the string-tied other item gets pulled along in same direction as the first one moves. But if the movement of the first item is toward the other item, the string goes limp and little if any movement is imparted to the second item. Disconnection means that a connection that had been before, is now severed or broken, like the cutting of the string in the aforementioned example. There are a huge number of kinds of connectivity, such as in the phrase "all roads lead to Rome"  and the union of marriage between a man and a woman. Perhaps each word itself is a kind of connectivity, as in the word "chair" implies all chairs have a connection of purpose and essential qualities. Connectivity is a bridge across separation, a place where "apart" is less than true. Electronic connectivity such as via telephone and the internet, as converted for experiencing by human senses by electronic instruments such as a computer.  Empathy provides a connectiveness on a more subtle level of existence, like a handshake yet more like the oneness of namaste in empathy. Riding on a train or in a car or plane or boat or spacecraft, one moves from one place to a different place, defining a special connectivity across distance and terrain to remove the separation's magnitutude to a smaller value.  A path provides an easy means for reducing the space between, or increasing the space between, two things. "We" tells of connectivity that is strong; yet "oneness" tells of some maximum possible connectivity. The connectivity's separation also implies the energy potential that exists betwen the two; oneness implies there is no energy available in the system, no energy for making things happen. To define all those connections, also defines the existence and potentials of relationship.

By James E. D. Cline on 20080210, 1442 hrs, Ephrata WA 98823. 

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