This is an unusual very large project for a far more nurturing and overall-responsible people than we are proving to be now. But, anyway you can enjoy in imagination what we could have done instead: KESTS to GEO, civilization connecting with the vast 24-hour-a-day solar energy and materials processing resources of nearby space via extraordinary electro-kinetically supported transporting bridges between ground and high earth orbit, using technology in different ways than being used at present. Providing cheap continuous huge volume transportation to/from space, thus enabling abundant solar-derived electrical power worldwide, enabling toxic materials total recycling, enabling huge rotating space settlements, and enabling very high spaceports, all could have been well underway within 20 years, if we had been different.

Judge for yourself the technological potentials. Enjoy what could have been, if fascination with aggressive worldwide competitive abuse had been replaced with fascination for aggressive nurturning's wonders!

Building KESTS to solar energy rich GEO !

Kinetic Energy Supported Transportation Structures to Geostationary Earth Orbit

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- PowerPoint presentation -- For beginners -- Functional principles -- Theory of operation -- Calculating energy added to payload to GEO -- Construction sequence --- Contact the author: Humanitarian purposes -- As written in 1989 -- What it is now -- Electromechanical action -- Graphics -- Q&A -- Development of the concept -- Students' research topics -- If as science fiction -- Author's efforts -- About the author -- References --

Exploring the "FOR and AGAINST" issues regarding a KESTS to GEO project in the very near future.

Initial purpose: to effciently lift enough Solar Power Satellites to GEO to provide abundant clean electrical power for the world, and to power the transportation system itself thereafter.

Orbital Access Technique: Payload-carrying vehicles are lifted from ground to high earth orbit, and back, by electrodynamically braking against upward-bound high velocity mass streams. Those mass streams are track-constrained to an orbital transfer trajectory path between ground and GEO, yet the stream's velocity is much higher than orbital transfer velocity, such that the resultant excess outward centrifugal force nearly balances the force of gravity on the mass of the associated track and hard vacuum environment tubing forming the transportation structure.

Longer Term Goals: Abundant clean electric power for the whole world, before petrochemical are all burned up; solar-powered total recycling of even the worst of civilization's toxic waste materials; efficiently high spaceports from which conventional rockets can easily reach out to the rest of the solar system; and a place to build passively shielded large scale space habitats such as those designed in the mid-1970's for use at L-5 but now with easy rail commute to ground... a ring of such space habitats, built of lunar and asteroidal materials and infilling GEO, could support 3 times the entire present-day population of our planet, with a comfortable sustainable lifestyle for all... potentially.

Think of a truly adequate space access system, one that we can start creating now, that could possibly enable more clean energy than the petrochemicals did, and enable civilization to continue great expansion since it provides huge access to the vast resources of our solar system.

The energy consumption of our civilization has been like a shark in a feeding frenzy, rapidly devouring the ancient irreplacable petrochemical energy reserves of our planet so as to power our myriad mechanical slaves, and pouring unrecycled toxic wastes resultant from technology's materials into the world environment. Wind farms and similar new energy resources may enable sustainance of an acceptable reduced agrarian level of civilization for the relatively near future, once cars and other power-hungry machines come to a halt starved for adequate energy in a few decades. Yet, in the pages of this kestsgeo website, you can find a reasonably cohesive technological design enabling a relatively near future that is not just sustainable but also of a vastly expandable civilization, adding a powerful whole new way for mankind's thriving, if properly and wisely applied. Unfortunately, almost certainly this option will continue to be suppressed, the all-powerful business establishment preferring the conventional, the more easily controlled well-known of the immediate present day. Yet, lets consider here in detail how much more interesting it could be, achieved while there remains enough petrochemical energy for that necessary first big upward push connecting the earth surface with GEO and back .

Photo: the author after presenting the concept in detail at the American Society of Civil Engineers' "Space 2002 Robotics 2002" conference. His 2nd published paper on the subject, "Kinetically Supported Bridge Vehicle Lift to GEO" is published in the conference proceedings.

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