Do you find interest in exploring new ideas and their potential applications? I do. So on these web pages are some of my favorite ideas and explorations of what-could-be resulting from their concrete manifestation.

Come do some Imagineering with me!

For example, consider what could be called "electric motor sliding armature energy-momentum transfer technology, which could become a way of transfering electrical power across a great distance, while also having unique momentum exchanges along the way which lend themselves to interesting transportation system applications, and open up new kinds of vistas for mankind.

Greetings! Thank you for visiting here at Jim Cline's pages, an ongoing Work In Progress hobby. Here is a place where I do my best to do my duty, as an older man, to pass on the special knowledge and wisdom which I have accumulated and/or created in my life so far. Check out a variety of subjects looking further down on this page. And please write to me at and expect a quick reply from me!

The book and sheet of paper with a drawing on it which I hold in this March 2000 photo of me, is of my presented technical paper "Kinetically Strengthened Transportation Structures", in the procedings of the "Space 2000" ASCE conference, pp 396-402, after over a dozen years struggle to formally communicate this concept. Come explore with me this creation, a conceptual technical design for a new kind of transportation mode which even has the potential of enabling every person on Earth to live in comfort in space (believe it or not!) within the next 30 years, were to mankind so choose to do. This is the top item on the above list of knowledge and wisdom which I have to share here, in partial fulfillment of my duty to the civilization in which I live.

These web pages (e-mail to author: primarily have the intention of bringing people's attention to some off-the-beaten-path data and ideas which may have the ability to improve the wellbeing of onself and one's world, now and in the future.

About technological inspiration:

What is Technological Inspiration? It is conceptual seed which can inspire new technological designs.

Here are some conceptual seeds for your technological designs:

Technological Inspiration
Conceptual Design Synthesis - Space Transportation Technology Conceptual Seeds - Large Scale Space Colonization Technology Conceptual Seeds - Ground Commute Technology Conceptual Seeds - Space Transportation and Colonization Concepts

Honoring the past
listing one's achievements - favorite sayings - my employment history - volunteer work done - a technician's patent - interesting electricity in 1752

artificial REM sleep - recycling emotional energy - Clark's Zapper technology - healing by spontaneous dance - wellbeing assisted electrically - Cilantro chelation research - Air Cleaning Houseplants - Could grow a house

experiential viewpoints - Another four-function experientiality diagram - kinesiology - psychosynthesis subpersonality confederacies - kinesiological goal balancing - Could Life Be Better?

surviving as a pawn of big business - saving civilization and the planetary ecosystem - What's the pgsf?

The Inscribe creative writing process - A New Kind of Space Program - Our Gifts - Some of my favorite quotes - "Magnetic Footprints": an experimental technological poem - Regenerative Experientiality - A snapshot writing process - An Inspirational Technology - Model Theory Imaginative Knowing and Being

Space Transportation and Colonization Concepts
The Mooncable: Gravitational Electric Siphon in Space - Long transportation structures in space - Centristation - Energy-strengthened structures - Kinetic Energy Supported Electrically Powered Transportation Structures - Clarke Belt Orbiting Habitat Ring - The theoretical very low energy cost to space - Momentum transfer transportation technology - KESTS to OHR - 2-body skyhook - My testimony to the National Commission on Space - List of my space technology files in the GEnie network Space and Science Library - KESTS to OHR Business


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This site is for the collection of data and ideas which may be able to improve the wellbeing of the individual, group, industry, civilization and worldwide ecosystem. The information on this site is not intended to replace competent medical, psychological, industrial, engineering or business advise, but instead to share the experiences and ideas of others who have chosen to investigate processes other than conventional medical, psychological, industrial, engineering or business. Your questions and comments are welcome, although this site is not for political views but rather in helping those who seek to restore their own lives, and the very life of their civilization and that of the overall ecosystem, to a healthy state. 


These web pages (e-mail to author: primarily have the intention of bringing people's attention to some off-the-beaten-path data and ideas which may have the ability to improve the wellbeing of onself and one's world, now and in the future.

Do you consider this is just "Science Fiction"? OK, here is a start of a Science Fiction story I'm writing about it.

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A site for the collection of off-the-beaten-path data and ideas which may be able to improve wellbeing.

An almost unthinkable spacerail transportation structure  primarily supported by centriufugal force lopsidedly encircling the Earth connecting the ground with GEO could provide a tremendous step for all mankind: perhaps how and where to seek long term environmentally responsible shelter, nourishment and power for the near and distant future.
Rest, Re-creation & Rejuvenation topics: findings about improving wellbeing for better health and functionality in an increasingly toxic world.

The swamp, the environmentalist, and the alligators (a large graphics file, 126K, a long download) for those who become discouraged in the effort to help mankind grow up.

Looking toward the whole, the more inclusive being.

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